Sound Healing 

A wellness session comprising of meditation, sound treatment, breathing exercises, and relaxation, for your personal harmony.

We all have preferred methods for feeling well, but are you familiar with the sound massage? This practice is suitable for you if you’d like to reach a deep state of relaxation and mindfulness.

“The vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls will affect you at the very depth of tour soul” A. Huyser

Your feelings may start to flow in unanticipated directions, opening new pathway for the future. To most, these vibrations, harmonies bring a deep sense of relaxation, an escape, a progressive relief from the mind’s agitations.

The treatment takes place in the private studio, quiet and well ventilated. Personal sessions, or 2 people maximum.

During the first part of session, we will explore and evaluate your charkas, then together discuss your focus for the session and beyond. This includes an introduction to energy healing, vibration, waves.

Singing bowls come from the Ladakh region, northern India, in the Hymalayas. They have been carefully chosen for their quality of metal, their geometry, design, and more importantly their tune, energy and vibration. With the choice of bowls, you will be able to find those who resonate deeply with your hearty and mind.

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