Blue Indigo Mekong restaurant

Blue Indigo Yoga is an ideal place to connect with nature and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Mekong River. With its breathtaking view of the river, you can relax and recharge your batteries while enjoying healthy and balanced dishes.


Reservation mandatory for outside guests, allow us 24 hours notice.


Blue Indigo Mekong

Located in Phnom Penh, Blue Indigo Yoga is a wellness center that offers a variety of activities focused on health and wellness. In addition to serving excellent vegetarian cuisine, the restaurant also offers yoga and meditation classes for those who want to relax and rejuvenate.



Mekong experience

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

Discover our unique vegetarian menu, specially designed for lovers of plant-based cuisine and those curious in search of new flavors. With a mouth-watering starter, a satisfying main course and a refreshing exotic fruit salad, our menu promises you an exceptional dining experience:


Menu 15 $

Falafels Sauce Tahini

Homemade falafels are a great vegetarian or vegan alternative, and they’re perfect for an appetizer, main dish, or even sandwiches. Enjoy your homemade Blue Indigo Restaurant Mekong style falafels!

Menu 15$

Boa Buns vegetarian

Blue Indigo Boa Buns are soft, steamed buns topped with delicious combinations of meats, vegetables and condiments, all wrapped in a soft and tender casing. Each bite is an explosion of flavors and a unique culinary experience.

Menu 15 $

Green curry Toffu

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Menu 15 $

Chana Massala

At Blue Indigo, Chana Massala is prepared with authentic spices and quality ingredients to guarantee an explosion of flavors.


Menu 15 $

Raviolis Blue Indigo

Blue Indigo raviolis are made by hand. Our exclusive recipe combines authentic Indian and Asian flavors with the soft and delicate texture of the ravioli.

Menu 15 $

Curry Coco Pumpkin

This curry is not only delicious, but it is also nutritious thanks to the goodness of the vegetables used. Squash and sweet potato are rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.
This vegetarian dish is also suitable for people following a vegan or gluten-free diet.


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