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Discover the benefits of yoga and give space to personal development

Blue Indigo Yoga invites you to this progressive retreat. This retreat is an opportunity to study yourself while making room for growth and personal development. We offer a place dedicated to the well-being of the body, mind and spirit. 

Such yoga retreat comes with a distinctive lifestyle. Therefore, we serve healthy vegetarian meals with ingredients from the local market. We have simple but comfortable cottages, honor a structured daily routine and provide an environment conducive to reach your goals. 

The instructors are certified by Yoga Alliance, but more importantly, they have a solid teaching experience and their goal is to help you develop safely.

Choose how many days you want to stay with us: starting from three days, with special deals for a fifteen day or one month retreat. Relax your body and mind through the practice of yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation.  You can achieve great results by approaching each situation with a positive, fun and loving attitude. We are committed to do our best to make your stay pleasant and beneficial.

About this yoga retreat

Balance and harmony

Our retreat package incorporates daily group discussions and full yoga program, while focusing on developing your inner tools. This enables you to create and maintain balance and harmony in your life, no matter what circumstances you may face. A space to nurture the frazzled mind and nervous system but most of all, shed the obligations and pressures of work and life. There is time to walk or ride a bike through town.

Rest, read a book, chat with others or just take in the yoga retreat gardens. You will feel instantly relaxed in the tranquil and inclusive environment of Blue Indigo.

Yoga styles

  • Hatha
  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa
  • Moon flow 
  • Yin
  • Aerial
  • Nidra


Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • And everything in between 

7D/Program for Physical and Emotional Balance:

Day 1: Create a foundation for balance with grounding yoga poses and breathwork. –

Day 2: Release tension and promote emotional balance through gentle yoga flows and guided meditation. –

Day 3: Cultivate body awareness and balance with a combination of yoga poses and mindfulness exercises. –

Day 4: Explore the connection between emotions and physical sensations through yoga and breathwork. –

Day 5: Nurture self-compassion and emotional well-being with heart-opening yoga poses and self-reflection. –

Day 6: Enhance equilibrium in relationships and social interactions through partner yoga and communication exercises. –

Day 7: Develop a holistic plan for maintaining physical and emotional balance in daily life.

15 D/Yoga & Meditation Program for Inner Balance:

Day 1: Establish intentions and find basic stability with standing balance poses. –

Day 2: Cultivate mental balance with guided meditation practices. –

Day 3: Balance the body and mind with fluid yoga sequences and breath exercises. –

Day 4: Strengthen the core and overall stability with yoga poses for the center of the body. –

Day 5: Practice emotional balance with mindfulness techniques and visualization. –

Day 6: Deepen concentration and presence with advanced yoga poses and moving meditations. –

Day 7: Integrate balance into daily life and create a plan to maintain a regular practice.

30 DAYS/. Balance and Strength Yoga and Meditation Program:

Day 1: Build strength and stability with foundational yoga poses and breathing techniques. –

Day 2: Enhance balance and coordination through standing balance poses and mindful movement. –

Day 3: Cultivate inner strength and resilience with a combination of yoga and meditation. –

Day 4: Focus on core strength and stability with core-centric yoga poses and strengthening exercises. –

Day 5: Explore balance in different planes of movement with inversions and arm balances. –

Day 6: Practice mindfulness and balance in daily activities through walking and seated meditation. –

Day 7: Reflect on the progress made and create a plan to maintain balance and strength beyond the program.

30 DAYS/. Yoga and Meditation Program for Work-Life Balance:

Day 1: Set intentions and create a balanced mindset through breath awareness and gentle stretching. –

Day 2: Establish boundaries and manage stress through mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques. –

Day 3: Cultivate clarity and focus with yoga poses that promote mental clarity and concentration. –

Day 4: Enhance productivity and creativity through yoga sequences designed to energize the body and mind. –

Day 5: Practice self-care and rejuvenation with restorative yoga poses and guided relaxation. –

Day 6: Explore the integration of work and life through mindfulness exercises and reflection. –

Day 7: Develop a personalized plan for maintaining work-life balance and self-care practices.

Retreat highlights

  • Choose your own length of stay: starting from 3 days
  • Start your retreat any day (no fixed group starts)
  • Accommodation in comfortable cottage: dorm, shared or private
  • Daily yoga classes and meditation
  • Personal time for you to explore, meditate or just be
  • Delicious homemade vegetarian breakfast and lunch and dinner
  • Water and tea on offer throughout the day
  • Experienced and professional teachers dedicated to your health and wellness development
  • Access workshops
  • All classes are taught in English
  • Wi-fi in the whole retreat center
  • Reflexology massage (-day retreat or longer)
  • Ayurvedic yoga massage (15 days, 1 month)

More information

About Blue Indigo

Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap

Blue Indigo Yoga is an intimate yoga cottage front of Mekong river, only minutes away from the city center Phnom Penh, but tucked in lush natural gardens. This place was built from the ground up, with the vision to be a place to immerse yourself into wellness. 

Comfortable rooms

rooms blue indigo yoga siem reap

You’ll have the choice of staying in a dorm, shared twin cottage, or private cottage. All rooms have a hot shower, van and mosquito net. 

Healthy vegetarian meals

Food Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap

Within our program, we will provide you with 3 vegetarian homemade meals, made from ingredients that our local cooks carefully select daily in the market. Any dietary requirements or allergies can be carefully catered.

Our team

Teachers Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap

All our instructors are certified by Yoga Alliance but more importantly, they have a solid teaching experience and their goal is to help you develop safely.


Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap

7+ days

Includes a reflexology massage


Dorm room – fan – 282 usd
Shared room – fan – 310 usd
Private room – fan – 390 usd
Private room – A/C – 590 usd

Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap

15+ days

Includes a reflexology massage

Dorm : room fan – 580 usd
Shared room fan – 700 usd
Private room – 845 usd
Private room A/C – 1000 usd

Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap

30 + days

Includes a reflexology massage and an ayurvedic yoga massage.

Dorm : room fan – 990 usd
Shared room fan – 1200 usd
Private room fan – 1700 usd
Private room A/C – 2100 usd

Interested? Send us a message and we will come back to with more information and pricing.

Suggested behaviour

To maximize your satisfaction and help preserve a stable group energy, Blue Indigo suggest that you:

  • Disconnect from the internet, your email, phone and Facebook
  • Attend all the yoga sessions, be on time, but remain within your limits
  • Communicate with your instructors and staff on your progress, your concerns or your suggestions
  • Tell Blue Indigo if something does not meet your expectations and they’ll do the best to accommodate you
  • Sleep early, wake up early and drink a lot of water
Retreat Blue Indigo Yoga Siem Reap

Yogic ethical principles

A dedicated yoga practice involves respecting a set of ethical principles, which are called the yamas and niyamas in yogic tradition. They help to clear the mind and establish a solid foundation for your daily routine. It is strongly encouraged that you respect those principles as they will also create a balanced group energy during your retreat.


  • Ahimsa – non violence: compassion and non-harm towards yourself and others
  • Satya – truthfulness: honesty through actions, speech, and thoughts
  • Asteya – non-stealing: detaching from covetousness and cultivating a less materialistic view of life
  • Brahmacharya – abstinence: moderation in all things and sensual craving
  • Aparigraha – non greed: attitude of generosity and non possessiveness


  • Saucha– purity: cleanliness of body and mind
  • Santosha – contentment: being satisfied with what you have
  • Tapas – self-discipline: diligence and perseverance in your practice
  • Swadhyaya – self-study: study of scriptures but also of oneself
  • Ishvarapranidhana – surrendering to a higher intelligence: the realization of and dedication to the divine presence within all

What People Are Saying

I had a wonderful and spiritual time here. The location is great, very close to the city but you feel so isolated and peaceful surrounded by nature. The teachers were wonderful and their styles varied. I was only there for four days but I feel like I grew so much in my practice and in myself. The flying yoga classes were also a wonderful addition to the more traditional classes. I would highly recommend this place for beginners as well as intermediates. I learned so much! Thank you Blue Indigo!

Michelle Josephine

3 day Yoga Retreat

I just spent an intense week! A very beautiful place to practice yoga, meditation and sharing. Blue Indigo is a school, a retreat, for all those who want to experience yoga and meditation. The vegetarian food is excellente. The cottages are simple, but comfortable. Filled days, with yoga, meditation, reading. They have a place for drawing, I love to draw my emotions on paper. Really happy to have had this experience. If you go to Siem Reap, do not miss it!


7 day Yoga Retreat

“I had a wonderful time at Blue Indigo Yoga. This center is turned towards others. Teachers are often very attentive to our needs and our questions. The passion is in the heart of sharing. Only 15 days and I really progressed, especially with Rahul’s classes. He is breathing serenity, And I think I will be doing a Teacher Training in December. Shiva & Michaela have created a really complete 200H. Unbelievable!” 


15 day Yoga Retreat

Video impression: one day at Blue Indigo

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