Our center is focused on the practice of yoga, meditation and different breathing techniques, to change your body, change your mind, give meaning to your life. We put this center at your disposal, where you will find yogis who will help you to share their passion, so that you have a solid base. Sharing is important, and is part of the philosophy of the center. 5 classes a day, balanced meals, and a healthy lifestyle will allow you to participate in the community of Blue Indigo Yoga. Love and peace.

Luke Chapman

2 August 2019

7 days of happiness! very good teachers, a place really dedicated to yoga and meditation. The best yoga center in Siem Reap for me. the food is delicious! a vegetarian cuisine like at home. simple but spacious cottage and a neighborhood where the cat greets you every morning. A love of sharing floating in this center, a small jewel of greenery. I will come back !

William Daniels

12 july 2019

I just spent 10 years of yoga and meditation at Blue Indigo Yoga. Really a beautiful experience. this center has a very good program, and very good teacher. wonderful Vanessa, Gemma, and Jenny. the dormitories are really simple and spacious. I had a cottage for 2 people, because the boys are not mixed here 🙂 The vegetarian food is really delicious, fresh. I think the best vegetarian restaurant in Siem Reap! I will embody the ballads at the pagoda, the blessing ceremony, and the meditations. a lot of jan practice in this area. a great time..I kiss you all! namaste


29 july 2019