Dear friend,
it is a big commitment to choose a teacher training course or workshop, an instructor and location for a life changing experience. I priced our programs as economically as possible to give you access to these precious learnings, while providing the best comfort we can afford so that you can focus on your personal growth… and of course we picked the most experienced instructors because all starts with that.

I am glad to provide below a broad choice of courses and workshops to consider for a permanent life change, and will answer your questions to help your decision.

Love & peace
Jan, founder and teacher
Kindly note that we are the largest yoga center in Cambodia, with 4 shalas, meditation, massage rooms, and lovely wooden cottages. We are a certified school (Yoga Alliance international) and we carefully select our teachers, also experienced and certified.


Yin yoga may be considered by many as a modern-day form of yoga or possibly even a western take on yoga, designed to deliver the wants and needs of the practitioner.
Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work only half of our body, the muscular half or the Yang tissue. Yin Yoga on the other hand allows us to work the other half, the deeper, Yin tissue of our ligaments, joints, deep fascia networks, and even the bone.

50 Hours YIN YOGA TTC (Instructor Madhav):  (Book) from $480 USD
– 25th March – 31st March 2019
– 15th August – 21st August 2019 


Fully accredited 200 hour teacher trainings. This is a residential training. Group of no more than 10 people per training. Embody and teach yoga with confidence, skill and secure foundation of knowledge. Inspirational and educational training that will enable you to find your individual voice as a teacher and establish a deep connection within yourself.

200 Hours/29 days VINYASA YOGA TTC  (Instructor Kat):  (Book)
– 3rd September – 29th September 2018  (5 mats available)

200 Hours/29 days “YOGA & Arts” TTC  (Instructor Agni): from $1600 USD (Book)
– 4th October – 3rd November 2018  (full – wait list)
– 4th November – 1st December 2018  (6 mats available)
– 6th January – 3rd February 2019  (7 mats available)

200 Hours/21 days HATHA YOGA TTC  (Instructor Madhav): from $1050 USD
– 1st April – 21st April 2019
– 5th August – 14th September 2019


It’s a combination of classical hatha asanas and aerial circus arts. This practice will add new challenge to traditional yoga poses and is  accessible to everyone, even complete yoga beginners. We use the swing to strengthen the muscles, find more length in the spine and play with the gravity. Swing also helps to find safe and correct alignment not only in the tricky inversions but in most yoga poses.
Aerial yoga is a chance to bring your yoga practice to a higher level, to play and fly, to try something different, to put yourself in the position you never thought you could be in. Upon successful completion, you receive a certificate of continued education. Blue Indigo is a certified school and our teachers are certified by Yoga Alliance.
50 Hours AERIAL YOGA TTC (Instructor Agni): (Book)
– 25th August – 30th August 2018 (3 mats available)
– 25th Sept – 30th Sept 2018 (FULL)
– 25th November – 30th November 2018 (6 mats available)
– 25th December – 30th December 2018 (5 mats available)

ASHTANGA YOGA (and photography)

This retreat will combine an intensive practice in the Shala with others softer and more meditative in the Angkor temples – at sunrise and sunset. Having experienced it, I can truly tell you it will be magical moments!

Two days will be dedicated to hikes in the countryside to meet the yesterday and toady Cambodian culture. It will be the opportunity for each and everyone to carry out a small photo report getting rid of the “touristic clichés”. We’ll also have along with us our yoga mats to practice randomly according to the places and moods. More information here.

50 Hours Ashtanga YOGA Workshop (Instructor Sergine):
– 5th August – 15th August 2018 (3 mats available – Book) from $950 USD